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Giving your way to love

March 23, 2016

Here’s a great idea…

Catherine Thomas, PhD, observed that we often get it all backwards: “Much of
the emotional pain that we have does not come from the love that we were not given in the past, but from the love we ourselves are not giving in the present.”

In other words…

We often think that if others would just give us the love we crave then our emotional needs will be met. Paradoxically, the opposite is true.  If we will forget about ourselves and find ways to serve and show love to others, we will find greater well-being and satisfaction.

 Here’s how you can use this idea to have a better life…

The next time you wish someone would pay you more attention by listening to you or doing something with you, don’t wait for them!  Find a way that you can show them special attention, listen to them, or invite them to do a fun activity with you.

To Find Out More…

about personal well-being, check out The Personal Journey or Managing Stress programs at, like us at or contact your local county Extension agent. You may also enjoy reading Authentic Happiness.

By Ashley Terry

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