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Yes you can-Family meals

October 2, 2015

Here’s an idea…
According to an article from the Journal for Nurse Practitioners, “[Families] who have frequent family meals often see the following benefits with their children and youth: enhanced vocabulary, academic success, healthy food selections, demonstration of positive values, and avoidance of high-risk behaviors (substance abuse, sexual activity, depression/suicide, violence, school problems, binge eating/purging, and excessive weight loss.”

In other words…
Make time for family meals for healthy parents and kids. Even with the early mornings and after school activities plus work and home responsibilities there’s the daunting question, “what’s for supper?”  Sure, it’s easy to hit up the nearest drive through, but that’s not always the healthiest option, and certainly not the easiest on the wallet!  With some planning and family engagement family dinners can become a reality. Preparing meals at home is possible and it’s the best way to know you and your family is eating healthy, wholesome meals.

Here’s how you can use this idea to have a better life…
Stock up at the grocery store on partially prepared items, like chopped chicken or mixed salads to save time.  Make sure to stock your pantry with dried or canned beans and canned fish or chicken for a quick and easy protein option to add to your meals.  Cook when you have time, for example on the weekends,  or in the evening after the kids have gone to bed and double (or triple, depending on your family size) recipes to save yourself time during the week, and make easy, grab and reheat meals at home.  Also get everyone involved! Peelings, mixing and clean-up are great activities for kids and let them pick a meal or two to encourage participation.

To find out more….
about ways you can save money, and make quick healthy meals at home, visit and .  For easy, healthy recipes, visit

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