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Learning about Money from Mom

May 8, 2015

Here’s a great idea

It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it. ~From the television show The Golden Girls

In other words

Motherhood is a tough job.  It’s a big responsibility and moms often feel pulled in many directions.  Our children are always watching and learning from our examples.  Most adults say they learned about money management from their parents.  Be a good role model and make an effort to teach your child responsible money management skills. Take time to nurture your child’s financial future.

How this applies to you

In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are some important money lessons our readers learned from their moms:

  • Set a budget and stick to your limit.
  • Plan menus and make a shopping list.
  • Buy used. Use coupons.
  • Pay bills monthly and on time.
  • Save for retirement – start early.
  • Avoid debt.
  • Save extra income.
  • Pay for needs before buying wants.
  • Avoid impulse buys.
  • Give away or sell clothes you no longer wear.

To find out more

Kids & Money is a free online course.  Discover easy ways to help your kids learn good money management skills. Go to and click on Kids & Money to view this one-hour, video-based course.

Find tips for parenting and personal finance at  The Cooperative Extension Service has the latest research-based recommendations to help you improve quality of life.

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