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Exercise and eat healthy as a family

October 17, 2014

Here’s a great idea:

Ellyn Satter says, “Parents and caregivers need to learn the facts about early weight gain…too-fast weight gain increases the risk of adult diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.”  (“Early Infant Weight Gain, Obesity and Adult Disease” September 2011 Family Meals Focus Newsletter)

In other words:

What is the best way to prevent weight gain and the increased chance of our children to develop disease? It is by making healthy lifestyle changes from the top down. Parents have a big influence on their kid’s health habits.  We can help ensure a healthy future for our children by setting a good example.  We can work to involve the whole family in planning meals and making physical activity fun.

How this applies to you:

Healthy parents make for healthy kids.  Set a healthy example.  Prepare healthy, low-fat meals at home. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat out less often.  Take time for exercise and ask your children to be physically active with you.  Try different activities until you find something the whole family will enjoy. Set healthy goals as a family. For example, “We will only eat out twice a week” or “We will go on a family bike ride three times this month.”

To find out more…

about ways to be more physically active, visit or contact your local county Extension agent.


Parents have a big influence on their kids health habits

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