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Grab and Go Emergency Box

September 8, 2014


Grab and Go Emergency Box

Step 1 – Gather items and place in a durable, sealed box.

Step 2 – Store at home in a secure location.

Step 3 – In case of emergency, keep the box with you.


Your “Grab and Go” Box Should Include:

  • Cash (small bills) for several days living expenses.
  • Rolls of quarters.
  • Emergency phone numbers: doctors, pharmacies, financial advisors, clergy, repair contractors, family
  • Copies of important prescriptions: medicines, eyeglasses
  • Copies of children’s immunization records.
  • Copies of health, dental, and/or prescription insurance cards or numbers.
  • Copies of auto, flood, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policies (at least policy numbers).
  • Insurance company telephone numbers, including local agent and company headquarters.
  • Copies of: deeds, titles, wills/trust documents, durable power of attorney, healthcare directives, stock/bond certificates, investment statements, home inventory, birth/death/adoption/marriage certificates, passports and other identification, employee benefits documents, previous years’ income tax returns.
  • Back-up copies of computerized financial records.
  • Keys to safe deposit box.
  • Combination to safe.
  • Negatives or electronic copies for irreplaceable personal photos.
  • Computer user names and passwords.
  • List of numbers: social security, credit cards, bank accounts, driver’s license, loans, investment accounts
  • List of debt obligations, due dates and contact information.Grab and Go evacuation box




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