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Writing your own life story

April 10, 2013

Here’s a great idea…

In his book, Memories that Matter, Jefferson Singer says,
“It is an exhilarating freedom to know that we can be the authors of our own identity….In all that we do, we are writing our own unique stories, build from memories resonant with metaphors and meanings that connect and unite the varied chapters.” p. 99

In other words…

We naturally think that life and circumstances write our life stories for us. It turns out, however, that the way we make sense of what happens to us has the greatest effect on the stories we create. We can choose to see ourselves as victims or survivors, as travelers or homebodies, as inventors or preservers. We write the stories of our lives by the way we interpret our experiences.

Here’s how you can use this idea to have a better life…

Reflect on your life. What are the most positive ways you can tie your experiences together into a grand narrative? Try it out. Are you an explorer? Are you a healer? Think of a noble way to express the theme of your life.

To Find Out More…

about personal well-being, check out Getting Our Hearts Right or The Personal Journey programs at, follow us at or contact your local county Extension agent. You may also enjoy reading Memories That Matter.

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