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Choosing the brighter view

March 27, 2013

Here’s a great idea…

In her book, Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson says,

“We are either on a positive trajectory or a negative one. Either we are growing in goodness, becoming more creative and resilient, or we are solidifying our bad habits, becoming more stagnant and rigid. No matter how much we may want to keep things as they are, or envision our life goals as a perfect snapshot we can one day frame and preserve, times move on. How you’ll move with it is up to you” (p. 17).

In other words…

The difference between languishing and flourishing depends on how positive we are. Are we glad for new experiences even when they are challenging or painful? Or do we complain that life is not delivering the future we dreamed of? We can make a conscious decision to embrace experience and thereby set a positive trajectory for our lives.

Here’s how you can use this idea to have a better life…

Next time an event threatens to throw you into a tailspin, catch yourself. Don’t let your mind drop into despair and gloom. Consider the ways that this “unhappy” event can make your life better. Choose positivity.

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    i am impressed by your work.

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