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Coping with childhood crazies

October 19, 2012

Here’s a great idea…

In his book, The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting, Laurence Steinberg says,

“Scientists now know that periods of rapid psychological development are times of dramatic changes in how the brain functions—changes that often involve a major reorganization of the way parts of the brain work together. This reorganization doesn’t occur smoothly, though, and remnants of old patterns linger on while new ones are being put into place” (p. 57-58).

In other words…

Often we are perplexed by our children’s behavior.  One day our children may seem quite mature as if they have achieved the next milestone in their journey of development, while the next day they appear to have reverted back to their childish ways. Are they doing this to torture us?  Even though these behaviors may be frustrating, they are psychological growth spurts that all children experience. They are just as challenging for our children as they are for us.

Here’s how you can use this idea to have a better life…

The next time your child seems to have lost ground, be patient. Focus on the progress your child has made. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Someday this child will be an adult of whom you will be proud!

To find out more…

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