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Choose to serve

October 26, 2011

A Great Idea …

“When we focus primarily on ourselves, our view of the world is narrow and limited. As we turn more energy and attention to helping others, the meaning and satisfaction of our own lives expand. There are countless places and ways we can serve others.” (Family Life Professors, H. Wallace Goddard and James P. Marshall, in their publication The Personal Journey)

In Other Words …

Life is packed with surprises and contradictions. In order to find ourselves, we must often lose ourselves. In order to gain, we must often give. In order to be happy, we must see to the happiness of others.

How This Applies to You …

Look around you. What can you do right now—or soon—to help someone?

To Find Out More …

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For excellent (and free!) programs on improving your personal well being, check out The Personal Journey and Managing Stress at

For more information, we recommend Positivity by Barbara L. Fredrickson or Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman.

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